UK pen, ink and paper shops!

These are the fountain pen websites that I have found so far in the UK. I’ve tried to describe their specialities. Hover over the link to see the web page title.

UPDATE: March 2016. I’ve revised the first part of this list extensively. I’ve have also published a companion chart to help you find which shops stock which brand.

  • Andy’s Pens — Vintage and new, some old stock, fountain pens incl. Baoer, Black Forest, Burnham, Coles, Cresco, Dikawen, Fellowship, Hero, Jinhao, Lalex, Manu Propia, Pelikan, Sailor, Varuna and Wing Sung. Inks, refills (incl. Schmidt refills for rollerballs and ballpoints), metal (silver-tipped) everlasting pencils by Axel Weinbrecth and Napkin, Archie Grand and Monsieur notebooks, journals, Crown Mill paper, Cathian blotters and blotting paper, pen cases, books etc.
  • Battersea Pen Home — Repairs, vintage pens, modern Parker, Diplomat, Visconti, Yard-o-Led pencils and pens and ballpoints etc., ink, refills, nibs, etc.
  • Bureau Direct — Huge range of notebooks and pads, pens, brush pens, highlighters and pencils (incl. Papelote), Lamy, ink, refills, diaries, envelopes, paper, washi tape etc. Some interesting bundles and colour collections!
  • Blots Pen and Ink Supplies — Calligraphy pens and inks, fountain pens and inks, paper and pads up to 250 gsm; art supplies.
  • Carneil Pens — Fountain pens: Parker, Mont Blanc…, sale and repair, restoration and service. Mechanical pencils and leads. Peter Crook’s own “Carneil” fountain pens.
  • Cult Pens — Big range of pens from Aristo to Staedtler, TWSBI, Visconti to Zig. Pencils, ink, notebooks, converters, markers, Nikko G nibs, Sennelier inks, Schmidt refills, Spacetec—similar to Fisher Space pens, Zero desk pens, metal (silver-tipped) everlasting pencils by Axel Weinbrecth and Forever, Perpetua pencils… I think they have everything, even exclusive Kaweco pens and Deep Dark Diamine inks.
  • Eric Wilson — Pen repair and restoration. Some sales.
  • Europens — Fountain pens, fineliners, refills, ink. Brands range from Caran d’Ache to Zebra. Filofax, wallets.
  • The Hamilton Pen Company — Fountain pens, ink including De Atramentis, refills, Derwent art and drawing range, journals and notebooks.
  • Hepworth Dixon — Vintage fountain pens.
  • Heritage — Vintage pens ranging from Aurora to Wyvern. Parts, repairs.
  • Iridium — Pens (Pelikan, Omas…), ink, pencils, notebooks. Great shop in Kendal, near the Lake District.
  • The Journal Shop — Platinum, Tombow and Schneider fountain pens, notebooks, Blackwing pencils, mechanical pencils from Mark’s Tokyo Edge, heavy Metaphys pens and pencils, planners, masking tape, ink, stationery, diaries, crafting, etc.
  • MrPen — Italix, Stipula, Sheaffer, Waterman, Parker, Sigma Style, Caran d’Ache, Harrison Brothers and Howson, etc. Inks, calligraphy, nibs—custom grinds. Repairs by Pen Museum.
  • Niche Pens — All kinds of pens, from Berol to Zebra. Notebooks, markers, pencils, engraving. Pelikan specialists; owner of Pure pens (see below).
  • Nook — Kaweco fountain pens, Blackwing pencils etc.
  • Objects of Use — Pens by Kaweco, pencils, notebooks, etc.
  • The Pen and Paper Stationery Company — Pens, refills, ink, paper, notebooks, journals, technical drawing, art materials etc.
  • The Pen Company — Pens ranging from Bentley, Sailor to Visconti, pencils, ink (Delta, Diamine, Pelikan, Sailor etc.), refills, pen spare parts, stationery, diaries.
  • Pen Heaven — Luxury pens (+ engraving), leather journals (+ embossing), gift sets, refills, ink, converters. Also more reasonably-priced pens such as Ohto and Lamy.
  • The Pen Practice — Vintage fountain pens and repair tools. Advice on restoration.
  • The Pen Shop — 25 fountain pen brands including Chopard, Coles Calligraphy, Dex, Franklin Covey, Kingsley, Montblanc, Otto Hutt, Tibaldi Bentley; 22 pencil brands. Ink, refills.
  • Pen to Paper — Notebooks, diaries, journals, pens incl. Lamy, inks.
  • Penamie — Vintage and some (used) modern fountain pens, including Parker, Waterman’s, Sheaffer, Onoto.
  • Penbox — New and vintage fountain pens, from Aurora to Yoropen and Burnham to Wyvern. Ink, nibs, converters, pen pouches and boxes.
  • PenmanDirect — Calligraphy inks, nibs, italic markers, paper, gilding equipment, vintage nibs, card, parchment and papyrus.
  • PenSella — Vintage fountain pens, new Duke, Kaigelu and Touchwood pens, etc.
  • PenShed — Fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints by Kaweko, Retro 51 and Harley Davidson. Mechanical pencils, pen refills etc.
  • Penworkshop — Vintage and modern fountain pens and pencils. Sacs, materials, servicing tools and kits.
  • Pure Pens — Fountain pens and inks from most marques including Noodler’s, Hugo Boss, Kingsley, Ted Baker and TWSBI. Paper, notebooks, engraving.
  • Tiger Pens — Pens ranging from Artline, Bic, Chameleon, Chartpak, EZ Grip, Fjader to Zebra, markers, pencils (incl. Brunynzeel Sakura), ink, nibs.
  • Websters Pen Shop — Fountain pens, Mont Blanc products, refills, ink, Filofax.
  • Write Here — Pens including Omas, Conway Stewart and Sailor, ink, refills, paper, notebooks, nibs converters, art supplies. List of UK pen shows.
  • Writetime — Vintage pens.
  • The Writing Desk — Fountain pens including TWSBI, Sailor, Stipula, Hugo Boss and Edison, a big range of ink including Conway Stewart, Organics Studio, Private Reserve, Pelikan, Rohrer and Klingner and De Atramentis, (and nine exclusive Diamine inks), nibs, dip pen nibs, glass pens, refills, converters, paper, notebooks, etc.


  • Fountain Pen Revolution — New FPR Dilli, Guri, Indus and other models with various nibs including flex; Serwex and other reasonably-priced fountain pens from India. Handmade pens by Deccan, Gama and Guider. Vintage pens.
  • MARTINIauctions — Berlin-based alternative to eBay “for Fountain Pen Aficionados”.


  • Artstore — Art supplies, paper, calligraphy.
  • Atlantis — Paper, ink and calligraphy, art supplies.
  • Barnet Gallery — my local art materials shop and gallery.
  • Choosing Keeping — Kaweco pens and cartridges, Schreibtinte inks, pencils, notebooks, sketchbooks etc. etc.
  • Fred Aldous — Calligraphy, paper, board, art supplies, craft, casting and modelling, haberdashery, print and photography, laser cutting…. Their blog.
  • Jenner’s of Princes Street. Now it’s a House of Fraser. Fountain pens by KingsleyCrossWatermanLamySheafferParkerFerrari.
  • Muji — Pens and pencils, notebooks and diaries, sketch books and origami paper. They discontinued their fountain pen.
  • Paperchase — High street stationers. A few Kaweco, Lamy and Cross fountain pens; Rhodia, Clairefontaine graf it notebooks and their own Parchment line. Art supplies.
  • Pedlars — Blackwing pencils. Pedlars 100 gsm notebooks. Stationery and vintage homewares. Prints, bags, etc. Transport signs and bus blinds.
  • Present & Correct — well-designed items of stationery, even a typewriter.
  • Scriptum — Quills and dip pens, journals, writing paper, sealing wax.
  • Woods the Stationers — Cross and Lamy fountain pens. Rollerballs, etc. Leuchtturm journals, Filofax, Basildon Bond writing paper.

Please let me know of any errors or omissions. Ta! Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “UK pen, ink and paper shops!

  1. delighted to discover this blog. So informative and easy to explore. Thank you. I’m a leftie and got several Parker 75 pens from a family member – I’m in north London and not sure what to do – repair or relegate to a drawer. Is there a pen show in London that you’d recommend I visit to get some advice in person?


  2. Glad I discovered this blog as its very good as is the list above. In Ireland there is the Pen Corner off Grafton Street and a few Artist Supplies shops ( Evans Art Supplies, Kennedys,O Sullivan Graphics, but that it. Weirdly you can sometimes find good notebooks in TKMaxx I found a Conceptum one last week for 6 Euro. I see you like Hawkwind cant beat a bit of Masters of the Universe.


    • Thanks Reamonn, I’ll put them in when I update this. Saw the Hawklords last night: a couple of ex-Hawkwind members and Captain Rizz came on for the encore.


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