About me

I’m John Keogh from Finchley, North London in the UK.

I like books, Hawkwind, art, dark chocolate, sf, Marmite on toast, beer, purple, music, beetroot, photography, cinema, film, Apple Macs, coffee, culture, actors, design, cheese, curry, fountain pens and lists.

Apart from this pen blog, you can find me on FlickrTwitterlast.fm  (music); Facebook; Instagram (most days); App.net; Periscope; The Pen Addict Slack; tumblr; EyeEm, and not as often YouTubeFoursquare and Swarm. Remnants of an old blog on Squarespace.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 11.19.02

I have two more Twitter accounts iPhoneApp140 and iPad140 on which I rate iPhone/iPod and iPad apps; over 1750 so far.

I am NOT signed in to Google or PayPal for moral and financial reasons respectively.

This sounds like the ramblings of a crazy man, so far! I should update it one day. Anyway, the idea of this page is to tell you all about me and what I like. So far I have done: television.


My father Fred bought a television set in 1962, just in time for me to catch every episode of Doctor Who which began the following year. My earliest TV memories include Toytown, Bleep and Booster, Supercar and the Telegoons.

Some of my favourite programmes: 2.4 Children; Absolutely Fabulous; Ace of Wands; Adam Adamant; Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled; Are You Being Served?; Armchair Theatre; Artemis 81; Artsnight; The Ascent of Man; The Avengers; Babylon 5; Batman; Being Human; Benidorm; Bergerac; Between the Lines; Bewitched; Bilko; A Bit of Fry and Laurie; Blackadder; Black Books; Blakes 7; Bottom; Brass Eye; The Bridge; The Brittas Empire; Bulman; Callan; Captain Scarlet; Catweazle; The Champions; Cheers; The Chinese Detective; Clangers; Colin’s Sandwich; Columbo; Coupling; Dad’s Army; Dave Allen at Large; Danger Man; The Day Today; Death in Paradise; Department S; Doctor Who (before the reboot); Doomwatch; Episodes; Fargo; The Fast Show; Father Ted; Fawlty Towers; Fireball XL5; Frasier; Get Smart; Getting On; Green Wing; Hammer House of Horror; Hazell; The High Life; Hill Street Blues; House of Fools; Hyperdrive; I, Claudius; Ideal; Inside No. 9; The IT Crowd; It’s Garry Shandling’s Show; Jason King; Jonathan Creek; The Killing; Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge; The Larry Sanders Show; Later… with Jools Holland; Lead Balloon; The League of Gentlemen; Love Soup; Luther; The Mighty Boosh; Miranda; Monty Python’s Flying Circus; Mork & Mindy; The Munsters; New Tricks; Not the 9 O’Clock News; The Omega Factor; One Foot in the Grave; The Outer Limits; Pie in the Sky; The Prisoner; Private Schulz; Psychoville; Public Eye; Quatermass; QI; Randall and Hopkirk [Deceased] (both versions); Red Dwarf; Rev; Ripping Yarns; Room 101; Rumpole of the Bailey; The Saint; Sapphire and Steel; Shelley; Sherlock; Sherlock Holmes (starring Jeremy Brett); Shooting Stars; The Sopranos; Space: 1999; Spaced; Star Cops; The Stone Tape; The Survivors; The Sweeney; Swiss Toni; Tales of the Unexpected; Taxi; Thriller; Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy; The Twilight Zone; Twin Peaks; U.F.O.; Ultraviolet (UK); A Very Peculiar Practice; The Vicar of Dibley; Vicious; Victoria Wood; Whitechapel; Would I Lie to You?; The Young Ones… I like the original series and not the remakes. I also love any programmes presented by Lucinda Lambton, Jonathan Meades or Michael Palin.

I have never seen 24; 30 Rock; The A-Team; Almost Human; Angel; Arrested Development; Battlestar Galactica; Baywatch; The Big Bang Theory; Billions; Breaking Bad; Broadchurch; Californication; Castle; Charmed; Cold Feet; Cranford; CSI; Damages; Dawson’s Creek; Deadwood; Dexter; Downton Abbey; Emmerdale; Everybody Loves Raymond; The Fall; Friends; Game of Thrones; Gotham; Grey’s Anatomy; Hannibal; Holby City; Hollyoaks; Homeland; House; House of Cards (US); Knight Rider; The Last Man on Earth; Law & Order; Lost (actually I did see five eps which was enough); Mad Men; Malcolm in the Middle; Miami Vice; Monk; Northern Exposure; Numb3rs; The O.C.; Orange is the New Black; Peaky Blinders; Poldark; Scrubs; Seinfeld (must remedy that); Shameless; The Shield; Six Feet Under; SpongeBob SquarePants; sport; Suits; That 70s Show; This Life; Top Gear; True Detective; Two and a Half Men; Saved By the Bell; The Walking Dead; The West Wing; Will & Grace; The Wire; The Wonder Years; Veep; The X Files… mostly because life is too short or these popular programmes are no good. Can I get Seinfeld in Spanish?

I do not have Sky because of Rupert Murdoch.

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Can I get a fountainpen belonging to the (vintage) nibs I own. You discribed it as : “Another random pairing: a 20th century pen made by the British company Platignum for the stationers W. H. Smith, paired with modern Pilot Kon-Peki ink. plastic tube WHS.JPGAn unprepossessing plastic tube you might suppose, but inside is not only a converter but a broad italic nib that looks like a new Lamy nib, and it writes just as well.


    • If I understand your question, you have some old nibs for which you need a pen. If they are standard size 5 or 6 nibs it should be possible, but I am not an expert here. I would need a good picture to see what is written on the nib and what shape they are. Then I would ask on one of the fountain pen Facebook groups or bulletin boards.


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