Ogami notebook with stone RePap paper substitute

It’s a bit like writing on a balloon. The Quotes “Writer” notebooks are made from a synthetic paper derived from limestone called RePap. The paper colour is ivory, not white, and it feels smooth like plastic. What is it good for? Absolutely — little, speaking as a fountain pen user.
Ogami Quote notebooks
You can pretty much forget about using a fountain pen on this paper. Yes, you can see below that I had some success with the turquoise V-Pen, but this is an old model and the ink flow is restricted. It was not pleasant as the nib kept catching on the surface and I expected breaks in the lettering. The ink did not smear, unless I let it pool or used a lot of pressure.
Ogami limestone paper 01
With a normal fountain pen, such as my Senator 47, which has a good wet flow: disaster! The saving grace is that the ink does not bleed through to the other side of the paper. As for flex: the tines just sink into the surface instead of spreading.

Fibre tips, pigment liners, needlepoints and gel pens were more successful, although they could also catch on the rubbery surface. Biros/ballpoints (looks down nose) such as the Schneider Slider also work.

The Lamy 1.1 and the Zebra Z7 worked reasonably well, but the ink took hours to dry. The orange J. Herbin ink eventually soaked in, bleeding and feathering. Ogami limestone paper 02

The Pilot G-TEC or Pentel Energel type of pen would be my favourite implement for this stony substrate: something with quick-drying ink and a smooth metal tip that will not catch on or otherwise break through the paper.

The cover is a reasonably stiff—although thin—board and the binding is stitched beautifully. I ordered mine from Origin68.com, two for £8.00 + £2.90 p&p.


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